Keeping the Family Together for More than 30 Years
A Brief History of the Cousins -- How it All Began

Cousins, on this festive occasion we step back in time to November 1976.  Nineteen seventy-six was a very special year!  It was during a vacation weekend in a relaxed setting that the seed was planted to develop plans to form "The Cousins".

Senior members of the "The Cousins", this idea was a result of being products of loving, sensitive and understanding ancestors.  You have taught us to be be proud and respectful of our heritage.  Your love provided us with the guidance, which has allowed us to grow with pride and dignity.

This is the legacy of love that you transferred to Iona Anderson, Edwina DeCreny, Anna Goodall, Claudia Butler, Elaine Long, Joan Myers, and the ate Stella Ashby, Alma Brown and Gladstone Atwell.  This special gift was soon to involve Ormond Ashby, Robert Brooks and Luthor Johnson, Jr. who represent our initial "Cousins Committee members.

October 4th, and 5th, 1986 will be recorded as yet another historical event as we gather with the entire clan to celebrate this, our 10th year of Loving, Caring and Sharing both pains and pleasantries together.

Our legacy of love has been expanded to the "new Generation" who have pledged to nurture our spirit to ensure that the seeds that have been planted will continue to grow.  Together, we look forward to a bright future that will bring happiness to each and everyone.

Founding members, largely responsible for our development and progress have individually expressed what  "The Cousins" has meant to them and how our unity has enriched their lives.

Taken from the Cousins 10th Anniversary Journal October 4, 1986 (written by Audrey Ashby)